SOP - Sea of Peace - certificate of the DARC district Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

        50 years SOP        

first pennon 1958
pennon since 1991
jubilee pennon 2008

With this jubilee call sign DL5ØSOP and the special QSL we want to express the continuing engagement of the radio amateurs of the formerly district Rostock and the present district Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for peace, understanding and friendship in the area around the Baltic Sea as a durable tradition. It is not detectable how many contacts were worked under the alls DMØSOP, DM8SOP, Y73SOP, Y88SOP, Y9ØSOP and DLØSOP as well as made under the personal calls of the members of our district and how many QSLs were sent to all over the world. Also the exact number of distributed SOP-pennons is unknown but it also approaches to 10.000 . The pleasing pennon enjoys great acknowledgment and furthermore great popularity; this is a reason to be proud and to continue our activities in this tradition. By the way, the SOP is one of the German awards you can apply for online.